Homogenizing your codebase

Here at HouseTrip we are quite a big team and it’s difficult to keep track of everything that’s going on. However we truly believe that code style guides helps us moving forward:

  • They make sure everyone is in the same mindset
  • They raise code quality by preventing code-smells or bad decisions
  • They allow new developers to catch up with existing code
  • They can teach a trick or too

In the beginning it feels like you are following a tight process but as soon as you comprehend the rules, you end up being very productive and coding flows naturally.

The main point here for us is that only with these guides we make sure the thousands of lines of code produced every week are homogenous through all our components - main web app, services, devops, frontend & backend code etc..

Today we would like to share with you, all our code style guides:

Open issues, submit your pull requests, fork them! Let us know if they are as good for you as they are for us!

photo of Pedro Cunha

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